Grass is greener


The grass really is greener on the other side and these sheep are no fools. They continue to find ways to breach the fencing despite all our efforts. Who can blame them when the grass on the other side is clearly more inviting than their own well trodden meadow. Yesterday it was over the fence and today under, but like all things in life the inviting field is not without its hazards and here it is the brambles, which snag the sheep’s wool taking them prisoner until I or someone else can free them.


The ram and a younger sheep made their escape today leaving the rest looking on with envy.




The snow arrives on cue and these ewes wait patiently for breakfast.


A bale of hay a day is enough to keep them from hunger. Talking of which … I came across the Ketogenic (high fat – low carb) diet the other day and being very much a sandwich, potato and pasta person it made me question my own diet. However just two days later this diet was debunked on the news, apparently because 80% of UK citizens are not getting enough fibre. It made me think about the sheep’s diet, especially in winter when everything is snow covered, as all they eat is hay! No fruit, veg or diary products for their balanced diet. Yet sheep are basically no different to humans in that they are made up of bone, blood, skin, fat and hair, all of which need nutrients. How do they do it? They live outside in sub zero temperatures, only eating hay and yet they thrive. Now that is a mystery. Obviously there is a profound reason why humans consume just about anything unlike animals, birds and insects.


These mountain sheep are in their element with long woolly coats to keep warm.