Cactus mystery


I’ve never been that into cacti but last year a supermarket was selling these beautiful flowering cacti. I bought two, and as I never get a shopping trolley at this place and baskets are rarely available it was quite a painful juggling act reaching the cashier with arms full of other shopping. This is all by the way incidentally, I thought I had posted the event on my blog but could not find it so I am sort of recapping.

Anyway to cut a long story short I managed to reach home safely only for one of the flowers to fall off as I opened the front door. When I picked it up it appeared to be a paper flower that had been hot glued onto the cactus. Well, there’s no fool like an old fool, I thought. I was convinced I had been taken for a ride but liked these ‘paper’ flowers anyway for their dash of colour and replaced it and left the cacti on my balcony.

I noticed the flowers opened and closed during the summer, which rather freaked me out at the time but realised they were real flowers that had probably been dried and it was a reflex reaction due to sunlight. I was still convinced they had been hot glued on.

However was I surprised today when I noticed a ring of small pink flowers blooming around the ‘fake’ flowers. Now I am beginning to think that I was mistaken all along and the flowers were real, though I am yet to be convinced 100%.