Sunday walk


A venture out into the forest to inspect the progress of Spring. It’s a fine late afternoon, warm and sunny, perfect for long shadows and maybe a golden hour.


Bracket fungi looking more like cow dung clings to a rotting moss covered tree stump. Below: Dried up frog spawn, it looks like it will be another bad year for frogs. This will be the third year running that the mild winter and lack of water has put paid to any hope of frog spawn surviving. Everywhere there were signs of dried out pools of water with the black sticky remnants of frog spawn.


There were plenty of small wildflowers and even a small brown butterfly that almost became the first snapped with my camera this year.





I came across this extremely rare photo today while sorting out my clutter. It is a Polaroid photo of the BMW GS80 prototype in the BMW design studio in Hufelandstrasse, Munich. It was my design proposal ca. 1979 and the only one at the time. The colour proposal was a bit extreme, especially the engine, but there were some nice details, I thought. I particularly liked the battery cover, which was intentionally shaped to look like a race number plate. The front curve was eventually lopped off by another English designer to line up with the seat/tank split. It completely destroyed the effect and owing to other similar incidents I left BMW Motorrad not long afterwards. This photo is probably nowhere else to be found on the Internet.

Below: The production version retained my black headlamp and instrument module but little else, a typical day in a design studio. Your work goes in the bin and no one ever gets to see what might have been. But hey, here at least you get a glimpse.


Lac Leman


Newly scanned images from colour reversal film. Photos in and around Lake Geneva taken during my stay there ca. 1992


I spent many hours shooting long exposures of swans with a tripod mounted camera mostly at dawn, dusk or at night.


Mist, low clouds, sunsets and dawn provided endless opportunities for interesting photos.


Near to the summit of Rochers du Naye (2000m+) yellow wildflowers still managed to take root.


A high rise building in Montreux pokes through clouds over the lake.


Rays of sunlight filter through clouds over Lac Leman, Genfer See, Lake Geneva. Call it what you will, it is a fantastic landscape with spectacular views as you descend by train into Lausanne. For an even more exciting experience I can recommend taking the train at night from the north into Lausanne as you will be convinced you are in an aircraft landing at Lausanne airport. The lights below you surrounding the distant lake and black silhouetted mountains against a dark blue star lit sky is truly breathtaking.





With nothing better to do than wade through old slides, which I am scanning, I came across this image. I had been searching for it for years and assumed it was lost. It is a design I proposed in 1987 for a single-handheld camera for Design Club International in Japan. This was long before the digital age, as can be seen by the analog film depicted in the technical drawing and long before smartphones.

Less is more … just call me a bore.

Flamingos (rewind)


This is the entrance to the Fuente de Piedra lagoon in Andalusia, Spain. It is famous for flamingos, which arrive here every Spring to breed. It has the largest colony of flamingos in Spain and the second largest in Europe apparently. When I visited in 2015 there was a lack of water, which meant that the flamingos were a long way out and too far to be photographed. So no flamingos here.


Nevertheless for bird enthusiasts there were plenty of other interesting birds to be seen, particularly waders such as black-winged stilts, black-tailed godwits, redshanks and many others.


A black winged stilt (above) wades through shallow water and (below) a black tailed godwit takes flight.


… and a rare selfie to show the lagoon and how far it stretches in all directions.



Listening to these politicians making their daily press briefings, I am beginning to wonder if they are not in fact robots.

They repeat the same thing over and over again as if stuck in some sort of malfunction. Whether answering press questions or just making statements.

How many times have I heard: ‘He is receiving excellent care’. As if he wouldn’t be! At the very least they could say: ‘needless to say he is receiving …

But they state it like it news, something we must know and not just once but numerous times. As if we didn’t hear first time round when we didn’t need to hear it in the first place.

I have never seen so many politicians ignoring press questions, evading them or going off on some tack that has nothing to do with what was asked.

They repeat the same mantra for everything else too. They seem completely incapable of being up front and honest.

They must think we are totally stupid or they have total contempt for the press … Mind you, I have heard few intelligent questions from the press so far.

I suppose the real dummy is me for even watching the news.

Event 201

Event 201 was a look at what would happen in the event of a corona virus pandemic. It took place in 2019 with many organisations from all over the world taking part. It was organised by the John Hopkins university and the event included the Bill Gates foundation, Lufthansa, the UN, banks and many more individuals. The virus scenario was played out and the results were catastrophic.

So my question: What was the point of this exercise?

Clearly anything learned from this exercise was completely ignored otherwise we would not be where we are today.

Was it just for fun? So that a select few people could get together, all expenses paid, in five star hotels and play games.

What were the politicians doing?

To see Event 201 recommendations after completing the virus scenario: click here

This event took place in October 2019 … there is talk that Covid-19 was first seen in China in the same month. Did someone know what was about to unfold?






Sunday walk


Clear blue skies, perfect for a Sunday walk and I have already made some chocolate chip cookies for when I return.

… I am still fuming after watching a smug news reader in Britain tell people to stay indoors. Hey, newsreader, it’s not your job to tell people what to do, your job is to tell the news and tell it as accurately as is humanly possible. Stick to your job!

I am incensed because these type of people are high paid individuals who are actually (in their minds) talking to like minded people. People who own second homes, SUVs, huge gardens, etc., and can escape the lock down just about anytime they like.

Unfortunately it is the poorer people in tower blocks watching this news and they have nowhere to go, feel trapped and do as they are told for the most part. This discrepancy in the British society and it’s class system remains forever in place. This is exactly how the Grenfell tower tragedy was created. Think before you open your big gob Mr. Newsreader and that goes for the rest of you in the media.

The media should be investigating what exactly is happening to ensure that we are not suddenly taken over by a police state, the ultimate dream for most of those in power…

Meanwhile out in the forest life goes on as usual. The birds are twittering, there’s a cool breeze and a few people taking a Sunday stroll. Let’s try and find a good balance while this virus outbreak is upon us.

Stay safe, take care.