Focus vs shutter


A buzzard glides on thermals rising from the valley this morning. I hear buzzards almost daily now but only see them on occasions. Once again this image is out of focus, probably due to the slow 1/60th shutter speed. I only got a couple of shots before it disappeared over the roof.


A beautifully constructed wasps nest on my balcony. Here I used fill-in flash to help freeze the image. I am not a lover of flash as I find the images tend to be less realistic with hard shadows, but fill-in has its uses.


I had another attempt at the squirrels this morning but little improvement despite some sunshine. Probably due to the slow 1/60th shutter speed again.

Niki de Saint Phalle


Sorting through my stuff today I came across an old sketch/doodle book of mine. I was about to throw it away but some of the drawings I quite liked and it seemed a pity to do so without at least recording some of them. So I photographed 16 pages and 6 pages reminded me of Niki de Saint Phalle whose work I had always liked. I picked out four which I will name: ‘fighters’, ‘lovers’, ‘players’ and ‘dancers’ as a homage to a great female artist. I will leave you to decide which is which.