Nature today


A snail’s eye view of some beautiful wildflowers against a clear blue sky. It’s warm at last and sunny today. A cold wind up until now has made it quite cool despite plenty of sunshine over the past months. Meanwhile a mystery bird was chirping happily away on a nearby tree branch. It was there yesterday too but I only managed a reasonable photo today. At first I thought it was a blackcap but now I am not sure. I leave it for you to decide.







Wonderful to see more wildflowers growing in long grass. There was a time when this was normal but the obsession with cutting grass led in recent years to just small patches being left to grow wild. A sort of token gesture to nature. Whether this present situation is intentional or the result of the corona virus lock down, it’s hard to know. I hope it signals a change, giving a boost to the insect population and creating a knock on effect.





‘Happiness only real when shared’

Christopher Johnson McCandless


Yes folks, it’s all been bullshit, time for change, time to rethink, time for reflection. There is a reason for everything and this pandemic is here for a reason. Warnings for decades have been ignored. The world has now been stopped in its tracks.

No more carry on as normal.

Back to nature.

Less is more.

Micheal Moore presents: Planet of the humans.

( I read today 26.05.2020 that YouTube had removed the video ‘Planet of the Humans’ due to copyright issues. There has been much controversy over the film, some questioning its accuracy and motives. I would just like to add that while there may have been some exaggerations the core message should not be ignored. As one example, while traveling by train through Germany we passed a field of solar panels. Now I am very much for solar energy but I found the sight of endless solar panels quite disturbing. No sign of any trees, flowers, animals, insects or birds … nothing but glass panels for several kilometers. Surely that cannot be a solution to the environmental problems. Wind farms, solar energy fields along with battery farming and mono-culture crops would eventually destroy nature. We need to look at other solutions and I believe this was the main message the film was attempting to put across. Things are never black and white.)

A film directed by Jeff Gibbs


Day out


It looks like fine weather till I get outside, then I am hit by a freezing cold wind despite the sunshine. Unusual for April in my experience as usually it is over 20C by now instead of struggling to reach 15C. I descend to the shops through the forest on the usual zigzag path. There are no walkers today and it seems more deserted than ever, which is surprising as yesterday Germany removed some restrictions to allow more shops to open. When I reach the first supermarket I note that the guy who usually dispenses hand sanitizer at the entrance is no longer there. A sure sign things are getting better, I think. However when I enter the second supermarket after spraying my hands with sanitizer I am told by a checkout lady that I cannot go in without a shopping trolley. I always pick up a basket here and no one has questioned that for the last two months. I ask why and I am told it is to ensure the 2 meter distance is kept. I can only laugh! Every time customers pass each other in the aisles they are within inches of each other. Probably just another head office opportunity to use the virus to their advantage and get shoppers buying more. I leave and shop down the road.

Sunday walk


A venture out into the forest to inspect the progress of Spring. It’s a fine late afternoon, warm and sunny, perfect for long shadows and maybe a golden hour.


Bracket fungi looking more like cow dung clings to a rotting moss covered tree stump. Below: Dried up frog spawn, it looks like it will be another bad year for frogs. This will be the third year running that the mild winter and lack of water has put paid to any hope of frog spawn surviving. Everywhere there were signs of dried out pools of water with the black sticky remnants of frog spawn.


There were plenty of small wildflowers and even a small brown butterfly that almost became the first snapped with my camera this year.





After seeing all these flowers in bloom I was going to name today the first day of Spring despite a cold front heading this way. In fact a fellow blogger in the US beat me to it, as he explained, today was the Vernal Equinox apparently, making it the earliest Spring in over 150 years. Thanks Buddy!

My outing today was to the supermarket, which I had already postponed for several days trying to comply with the present advice. It was glorious weather, warm and sunny. I descended into town on foot as public transport had been stopped due to Coronavirus. I needed money from the bank for shopping but decided instead to pay by card in the supermarket to help avoid transmitting any bugs from the cash-point to the supermarket. When I came to pay at the checkout a sign asked customers to pay with cash, why I don’t know, I should have asked of course … but let’s face it, whatever you do it is never going to be right with someone.

Update: misinformation correction

In fact the supermarket sign said: ‘Bargeldlos’, in other words pay by card. Sorry for that a complete misunderstanding.

So then I wandered through the empty streets, which are usually pretty empty this time of year, to the ‘House of Guests’ where I wanted to wash my hands before drinking from a bottle I had purchased and climbing back up the hill. A sign outside informed me that it was closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus. As was the next possible place and the one after that. So despite the ‘wash your hands’ rant that the authorities are forever plugging they seem to be doing everything to prevent it.

I only mention these two examples to illustrate that whatever you do with the best of intentions life is never so cut and dried or that simple so you have to find a sensible balance yourself.

The problem as I see it is not so much the Covid19 virus but flu in general, which has seen climbing death rates over the past years in Europe and it has reached a crisis point where hospitals can no longer cope. This is why we all need to watch our hygiene from now on even once the Covid19 has passed by, which I am sure it will do. In fact China reported no new cases today, if you can believe anything you read or hear in the news.