Black lamb


Remember Doris ? Featured in previous posts. It looks like she has given birth to a little black lamb. The first lamb of Spring here on the hillside and it’s a glorious warm, sunny day. Doris, forever nervous since the wolf encounter last year, was particularly nervous today and I could not get withing 50 meters of her without disturbing them so this was the best I could do even with my telephoto lens.

Masken pflicht


It looks like from Monday onwards I’m going to have to wear a mask when shopping or traveling by train or bus. But hey Corvid-19, I am ready, I have made my T-shirt mask complete with filter. I was wondering what to do with all my old T-shirts, now I have an endless supply of masks in all colours, shapes and sizes. Let’s face it I look a lot better behind a mask and so much for face recognition, that’s history now, at least for supermarkets and public transport. Every cloud has a silver lining. 😀


Listening to these politicians making their daily press briefings, I am beginning to wonder if they are not in fact robots.

They repeat the same thing over and over again as if stuck in some sort of malfunction. Whether answering press questions or just making statements.

How many times have I heard: ‘He is receiving excellent care’. As if he wouldn’t be! At the very least they could say: ‘needless to say he is receiving …

But they state it like it news, something we must know and not just once but numerous times. As if we didn’t hear first time round when we didn’t need to hear it in the first place.

I have never seen so many politicians ignoring press questions, evading them or going off on some tack that has nothing to do with what was asked.

They repeat the same mantra for everything else too. They seem completely incapable of being up front and honest.

They must think we are totally stupid or they have total contempt for the press … Mind you, I have heard few intelligent questions from the press so far.

I suppose the real dummy is me for even watching the news.

Event 201

Event 201 was a look at what would happen in the event of a corona virus pandemic. It took place in 2019 with many organisations from all over the world taking part. It was organised by the John Hopkins university and the event included the Bill Gates foundation, Lufthansa, the UN, banks and many more individuals. The virus scenario was played out and the results were catastrophic.

So my question: What was the point of this exercise?

Clearly anything learned from this exercise was completely ignored otherwise we would not be where we are today.

Was it just for fun? So that a select few people could get together, all expenses paid, in five star hotels and play games.

What were the politicians doing?

To see Event 201 recommendations after completing the virus scenario: click here

This event took place in October 2019 … there is talk that Covid-19 was first seen in China in the same month. Did someone know what was about to unfold?








After seeing all these flowers in bloom I was going to name today the first day of Spring despite a cold front heading this way. In fact a fellow blogger in the US beat me to it, as he explained, today was the Vernal Equinox apparently, making it the earliest Spring in over 150 years. Thanks Buddy!

My outing today was to the supermarket, which I had already postponed for several days trying to comply with the present advice. It was glorious weather, warm and sunny. I descended into town on foot as public transport had been stopped due to Coronavirus. I needed money from the bank for shopping but decided instead to pay by card in the supermarket to help avoid transmitting any bugs from the cash-point to the supermarket. When I came to pay at the checkout a sign asked customers to pay with cash, why I don’t know, I should have asked of course … but let’s face it, whatever you do it is never going to be right with someone.

Update: misinformation correction

In fact the supermarket sign said: ‘Bargeldlos’, in other words pay by card. Sorry for that a complete misunderstanding.

So then I wandered through the empty streets, which are usually pretty empty this time of year, to the ‘House of Guests’ where I wanted to wash my hands before drinking from a bottle I had purchased and climbing back up the hill. A sign outside informed me that it was closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus. As was the next possible place and the one after that. So despite the ‘wash your hands’ rant that the authorities are forever plugging they seem to be doing everything to prevent it.

I only mention these two examples to illustrate that whatever you do with the best of intentions life is never so cut and dried or that simple so you have to find a sensible balance yourself.

The problem as I see it is not so much the Covid19 virus but flu in general, which has seen climbing death rates over the past years in Europe and it has reached a crisis point where hospitals can no longer cope. This is why we all need to watch our hygiene from now on even once the Covid19 has passed by, which I am sure it will do. In fact China reported no new cases today, if you can believe anything you read or hear in the news.

Corona II


My fridge filled with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, thanks to the local restaurant.

The local restaurant next to me has shut. Although restaurants in Germany are allowed to open between 6:00 and 18:00 there were so few people visiting this one it was impossible to keep going. Also each person visiting had to be registered making the whole event of a restaurant visit rather frustrating for both staff and customers.

On the plus side I received some of their vegetables that may otherwise have been thrown away. Meanwhile if I thought I was isolated before, now they have stopped transport to the local town. That means a 4km walk  there and back and a descent and climb of almost 400meters with SHOPPING! In the village where I am there are no shops, you cannot even buy milk.

Looks like I will have to take up inedia (aka Prana).


Have a heart


Happy Valentines day! In all my days I have never received a Valentine’s day card nor for that matter have I ever sent one, as far as I can remember. If you don’t give, you don’t get or something. So here is a big heart to all my followers and likers and anyone else who might pass by, have a lovely day.