A new dawn?


Maybe, I won’t hold my breath.


I read in the local news today that Brits can get a free pass to the bridge from today on for a week. To celebrate Brexit? maybe not, more likely to show there are no hard feelings. I think passes can be obtained at Bad Wildbad tourist information office on showing your passport.



… a change of scene.

This is an old composite image of egrets I photographed mainly in Spain some years ago. I felt a short break was needed from nature walks, Boris and 3D modeling. What with Boris getting his just deserts, Rhino 3D software update costing me 1000 euros and with the summer being all but over, time to reflect on where I am going, what I am doing and what in the world is going on.

Hello Boris!

How to make Britain Great again?

A few thoughts …

Scrap HS2 unless you can fix the present railway system. Presently train services are the worst and most expensive in Europe. They should be cheaper and more efficient.

High speed Internet, yes! Long overdue and free hotspots in some critical locations like railway stations would be welcomed.

Improved bus services. Experiment with free Hop ‘n’ Ride in a few towns.

Scrap grammar schools and introduce comprehensives nationwide. Bring back polytechnics and colleges of further education. Turning all colleges into universities was the dumbest thing ever.

Introduce national service for all 18-20 year olds for one year. (Social work or military optional) Maybe even a one year culture/arts course option. Encourage more voluntary work.

More cycle paths for bicycles, e-scooters, Segways and the like and pedestrianize more town centers.

Don’t accept US chlorinated chicken. The USA needs to get its act together. Britain should stand up to America and not act like a pathetic lapdog, otherwise under Trump Britain will be used and abused.

Stop sending recycled waste to far off countries in container vessels that pollute the environment more than any other form of transport.

Maintain EU standards or even better improve on them.

Maintain Green Belts. Stop building on them, they were green belts for a reason.

Stop strimming wildflowers! In fact, stop strimming. Plant more trees. Britain was once covered in forests. Now they are virtually all gone and the few remaining hardly worthy of the name.

Scrap the honors list. Jimmy Saville need I say more. It is over FFS!

Build cheaper innovative eco housing and less of the mock Tudor Barratt rabbit hutches.

Wave energy, vertical wind energy and solar energy … where are you?

More police on the beat. It is less polluting and healthier for all. Police need to be seen and heard. Walking the streets should be safe for all, regardless of the time of day.

Four day working week. Max allowed 40 hours. No overtime.

Charge a nominal quarterly fee to visit a doctor to make people think twice before using the NHS. Stop giving free treatment to foreigners. Britons don’t get free treatment abroad!

More youth centers especially in deprived areas. Skateboard parks and better play areas for children. Maybe take a look at Germany next time you visit.

Legalize medicinal cannabis. Stop state sponsored gambling. Stop snorting cocaine.

Allow all Britons even those living abroad a lifelong right to vote, this has long been a right for Americans in the USA. Funny how Britain always seem to adopt the worst of American culture but fails to adopt American rights and freedoms. Somethings wrong there folks. I am not a object, I am a citizen. Better start now before there is a revolution.

Give all EU citizens living in the UK before Brexit the right to stay and vote with the minimum of fuss and no payments thank you. Bureaucrats and civil servants earn enough already, they make our lives difficult while enjoying well paid jobs for life. Time to start weeding out the chaff. Stop screwing your interns.

Much more I could add but I think this will do for the moment.

Actually much of this could also be applied to many EU countries too.

NB. I have not visited the UK in recent years, so some things mentioned here may have improved but from my experience of visiting on and off over the past 40 years and having been born and educated there I doubt that much has changed in recent years.

Note to: GCHQ

Please pass this on to the appropriate authorities. Thanks!