The sheep are enjoying their new found freedom, luscious green pastures, sunshine and warm temperatures. Sunshine is forecast for the coming week with ever increasing temperatures. Summer just around the corner. Meanwhile the brambles are an ever present hazard and several sheep have already got caught up in them.


I watched as this ewe (above) managed to tug itself free from a bramble bush taking a long piece with it, which was soon transferred to another ewe with its lamb in tow. (below).


Update – 20.05.2020

Another ewe drags half a bramble bush behind it, thankfully the rest have endured their freedom well and for the most part seem to have learned from their earlier mistakes.



Grass is greener


The grass really is greener on the other side and these sheep are no fools. They continue to find ways to breach the fencing despite all our efforts. Who can blame them when the grass on the other side is clearly more inviting than their own well trodden meadow. Yesterday it was over the fence and today under, but like all things in life the inviting field is not without its hazards and here it is the brambles, which snag the sheep’s wool taking them prisoner until I or someone else can free them.


The ram and a younger sheep made their escape today leaving the rest looking on with envy.




He’s back again to join the wild life party, checking out everything that’s on the buffet. This red squirrel visits the balcony regularly but his main interest are the monkey nuts hanging off a chair on a piece of string.


He attempts to get at the nuts from below but they are just out of reach and when a crow buzzes the balcony, causing the squirrel a fright, he hides under the chair, frozen motionless for a while. Once the danger has passed he decides to attack the nuts from a new direction and climbs the chair via the tomato plant pots.


Once on the chair he has the nuts in sight but first checks to see if anyone is at home before continuing his mission impossible.

Other party guests include: A field mouse, blue tits, great tits, crested tits, chaffinch, black redstarts, crows, magpies, bullfinch, nuthatches, robin and a few elusive night visitors.


Yes folks, it’s all been bullshit, time for change, time to rethink, time for reflection. There is a reason for everything and this pandemic is here for a reason. Warnings for decades have been ignored. The world has now been stopped in its tracks.

No more carry on as normal.

Back to nature.

Less is more.

Micheal Moore presents: Planet of the humans.

( I read today 26.05.2020 that YouTube had removed the video ‘Planet of the Humans’ due to copyright issues. There has been much controversy over the film, some questioning its accuracy and motives. I would just like to add that while there may have been some exaggerations the core message should not be ignored. As one example, while traveling by train through Germany we passed a field of solar panels. Now I am very much for solar energy but I found the sight of endless solar panels quite disturbing. No sign of any trees, flowers, animals, insects or birds … nothing but glass panels for several kilometers. Surely that cannot be a solution to the environmental problems. Wind farms, solar energy fields along with battery farming and mono-culture crops would eventually destroy nature. We need to look at other solutions and I believe this was the main message the film was attempting to put across. Things are never black and white.)

A film directed by Jeff Gibbs


Black lamb


Remember Doris ? Featured in previous posts. It looks like she has given birth to a little black lamb. The first lamb of Spring here on the hillside and it’s a glorious warm, sunny day. Doris, forever nervous since the wolf encounter last year, was particularly nervous today and I could not get withing 50 meters of her without disturbing them so this was the best I could do even with my telephoto lens.

Sunday walk


Heavy snowfall always transforms the forest into something magical, so I venture out into the cold to take some snaps. The sky is clear and it is close to freezing but the sunshine will soon warm things up.


Tracks in the snow are always interesting. Below left: are paw prints and with no signs of human foot prints it could be a fox or even the dreaded wolf. On the right are either deer or wild boar prints, probably deer as boar tend to roam in groups.


Below the tree walk is deserted, a sign of the times. Normally on a Sunday like this there would be hoards of people visiting, but times have changed for the moment.