Heron vs crow


There was a time when I used to make lots of GIF animations, mainly cartoons, but like Flash used in ads., it became a bit annoying and I stopped making them some years ago. However they do have there uses as they can explain an event without uploading a cumbersome video. Searching for something to post I came across these photos of a crow mobbing a heron taken on the river Nagold in Pforzheim a couple of years ago. Each photo alone does not really provide much insight but put together and things become clearer, I hope.

Why the crow was so incensed by the heron I have no idea as fish is not on their daily diet as far as I am aware. Herons do nest in trees so maybe it was a neighborly dispute. Whatever, the crow was quite persistent forcing the heron to escape to the other side of the river where the harassment continued for sometime. The heron remained super cool … maybe it was just a game.

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