Two makes a pair


This could well be the last photo of the woodpecker drilling on this building. Shortly before taking this single, out of focus shot I had TWO green woodpeckers in my viewfinder, unfortunately I was not able to focus in time before one flew away. Looks like he/she has finally succeeded in finding a partner.

Meanwhile I went shopping again today. Sunny weather but still very cold with patches of ice and snow along the way. Few people about and many shelves in the supermarket were empty. I must make a correction here as last time I said there was a sign at the checkout to ‘pay with cash’. In fact it said ‘pay with a card if possible’. As usual I had misread it, due either to dyslexia, lazy reading or being in a foreign language. I just saw ‘Bargeldlos’ and failed to read the rest. Bargeld is cash, Bargeldlos is cashless. Sorry for the misinformation. Anyway at least that makes sense to me now.

With my 15kg of shopping I trudged slowly back up the hill. Although my upper body gets plenty of exercise during the week while woodworking, I have not done much walking due to the isolation advice, so this walk did me good. I was also much more selective about my shopping of course, due to weight and only bought what I really needed. There is always a positive side to all these negative events.

Update 27.03.2020

Well the woodpecker continues drilling on the building so now I am none the wiser as to why. Having found a partner (I believe) it obviously was not an SOS message, unless of course its polyamorous.

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