That used to be a fizzy orange drink I seem to remember in my youth. Anyway that’s slightly off topic. Does anyone remember the crisis before the Coronavirus. The environmental crisis maybe … well the Coronavirus appears to be the best thing that has happen for that little problem, at least for the moment. In one giant leap or at least in the space of a couple of months the environmental problems may well have been halved. Of course there will be a price to pay but then that was always going to be the case.

It is interesting that when problems are ignored or not taken seriously mother nature has a habit of taking over and putting the boot in. Just to remind us that we should not just be talking and taking note of what’s happening, but also acting. Like they say, actions speak louder than words … every cloud has a silver lining … a stitch in time saves nine … please feel free to add your own …

It may well be that the Coronavirus outbreak has such a devastating impact on the world’s economies that our lives will be changed forever and new ways of working, playing and meeting will need to be found. However personally I doubt that and I am more inclined to believe that by the end of the year it will just be another event in history like the Spanish flu, Bird flu, Sars, the financial crisis and mad cow disease.

There is also another ‘positive’ aspect to the Coronavirus that is rarely mentioned. Normally this time of year, certainly in Europe, influenza takes the lives of many, many people, in fact thousands more than the Coronavirus has up till now. However because everyone with the slightest cough or cold is self isolating the chances are that deaths from normal flu virus could be the lowest ever seen and adding the two together we may yet see the lowest figures ever for flu virus deaths in 2020.

I don’t wish to down play the danger of Coronavirus, just put a few things in perspective as the media loves disasters and it becomes a bit of a feeding frenzy. That isn’t to say that we should ignore the news but it would be nice at least to hear a few more balanced views, rather than the gloom and doom that is pumped out daily.

Everything happens for a reason …

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