The sound of woodpeckers drilling on trees is a daily occurrence this time of the year. They are either drilling a hole for a nest or testing the tree for nesting suitability. Today however the sound was different, it sounded hollow and was much closer. I looked out my window and listened. A woodpecker was clearly not far away but scanning the nearest deciduous tree I could see nothing and the tree looked too young and green anyway for woodpecker nesting. The only other trees were fir and they were too far away for the sound. I was a little dumbfounded until my eye caught sight of a green woodpecker clinging to the side of the neighboring building. At first I thought it was just a coincidence and the sound was coming from elsewhere but then it resumed drilling into CONCRETE!

Not only that but this woodpecker remained in the same spot and drilled intermittently for at least an hour. I wondered why it was doing this and was rather concerned for its beak. I mean, I am pretty sure even with a hammer and screwdriver I would have been hard put to make more noise. Maybe it was to attract a mate, like a we might discover and play a new musical instrument to impress someone.

Anyone with any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Woodpecker

    1. Yep, I think the ‘trying to attract a mate’ theory is the most likely. The concrete is about a foot thick and there is no wooden structure behind. Certainly fascinating if that is the reason, quite an innovative approach to dating. 😀


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