Sunday walk


It may be premature but I feel that was the last gasp of winter. As the snow melts temperatures appear to be on the rise over the next weeks and that can only mean Spring is just around the corner.

Wandering along my usual route the birds are chattering away, I hear buzzards calling and woodpeckers intermittent drilling. No doubt searching trees suitable for nesting holes. I also hear a high pitched ‘yeah’ from some bird I often hear but have yet to see or identify. Not the blonde that keeps following me I might add.

Other than that it is relatively quiet and quite mild despite the feeble sunshine.


I pass the tree ‘bow’ and focus my camera on textures.


Small bracket fungi cling to a log lying on the ground.


This tree has seen better days. I am not sure what has caused this, maybe the beetle that has invaded many trees in the forest but it makes an interesting graphic.

I put up a home made bird box the other day and blue tits have already been inspecting it, poking their heads inside the hole to check it out. Maybe if they move in I will get a few interesting photos later. Nuthatches are also frequent visitors to my balcony.



Here the first photos of blue/great tits inspecting the nest box I only put up a few days ago. Truly amazing how quickly they check things out. The photo is poor because I have yet to clean my windows and figure out a suitable way of photographing them. The blue tit also checked all edges of the roof thoroughly, presumably to make sure it was waterproof and OK to move in. The nuthatches took no interest, which is no surprise as it was designed for tits. There was also a newcomer this afternoon, a crested tit, which would be a welcomed neighbour.

Tomorrow I will clean the windows and see if I can improve on the photo quality.

Watch this space.

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