Digitised II


Another digitised photo from a colour slide and converted into B&W. This local scene in the Black Forest was photographed ca 1976 and still looks much the same today, at least I think it does. I will try and find and post an updated photo I took from the same position a few years ago to compare. The buildings had changed slightly as I remember but not much else.

Any WordPressers know what happened to the keyword input column normally found on the right of the screen. Mine disappeared a few days ago. Has it moved? Or been removed?

Update: The above question has since been resolved. Meanwhile I am still searching for that elusive photo taken a few years ago of the scene pictured above. Watch this space.

Hypnotised by Coldplay

4 thoughts on “Digitised II

    1. No problem…would you believe it, I looked again at it this morning and found a settings icon, which I am sure was not there yesterday, so I was able to click on it to hide or reveal the keyword boxes. Strange how such things happen, I had been trying to figure out this problem for several weeks. Then the first time I mention it the problem is solved, like it had been there all the time and was staring me in the face. I seem to experience this sort of thing often these days. Is it me or the computers ?? Probably just losing my marbles.

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      1. Yep, they all do. Mostly because being free (excepting personal data mining) they feel at liberty to do what they like. Though I do pay for WP. I recently cancelled my Shutterstock account because they kept changing the link address to my website without telling me. I only discovered months later by accident while updating my site. They mostly rely on next generation customers so there is no loyalty or thought for those who stick with it. That is the world we live in today, for our generation back in our youth such behaviour would have been unthinkable. Now it is the norm, just like you cannot get direct help and must wade through lists of help questions or join a community based help website.

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