Taiwan aboriginal village

A day out to educate myself. At least that was my plan anyway…

In the heart of Taiwan not far from Sun Moon Lake is a place called the ‘Formosan aboriginal culture village’. A 90 minute bus ride from Taichung took me there for just a few Euros.

On the way, as we headed inland towards the mountains, it was clear to see the ever present pollution hanging over Taichung, something that is easy to miss while in the city as the air does not seem to be that polluted. The cloud of purple grey pollution hovering over a city on a clear blue sky day was something I first noticed in Munich, Germany back in the 1980s.

On arrival my destination turned out to be more of an amusement park with touches of Disney world. At first I was shocked and a little disappointed as fun fairs were never really my thing even when I was younger. However it was quite spectacular.


Observation tower, cable car and crystal clear water park with huge slide (not shown)


I discovered, via a well designed map, that the aboriginal village and museum were situated high above the amusement park, which required a fairly long walk and ascent of several hundred meters.

A labyrinth of paths climbed the hillside but many of the direct routes had been blocked due to maintenance and so I was forced to zigzag my way up in search of the museum.

Lets face it, museums and art galleries are hard on the legs and feet at the best of times but having to walk and climb several kilometres (slight exaggeration) to reach this one did nothing to help my growing disappointment. However once there it was well worth the effort, particularly the museum artefacts and the reconstructed wooden homes of the aboriginals.


A peaceful retreat away from the amusement park noise and screams of excitement.


It was fascinating standing inside the wooden huts imagining how they had once lived and for a moment, despite the simplicity of the structures, I felt slightly envious that they could have been so close to nature as the structures were mostly open to the elements. No triple glazed sealed boxes here. Just the sounds of the forest. It really made me wonder about much of present day living, especially in cities with the ever growing tower blocks.

The whole experience of the Formosan aboriginal culture village took most of the day and on my return through the amusement park it certainly looked great fun if you are young and into that sort of thing. The water ride looked particularly spectacular and there was also an observation tower, cable car to Sun Moon Lake and a monorail. What more could a family want for a day out.

Well, it was a good job I did not Google research it beforehand as I may have not gone and then I would have missed a treat.

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