An impressive city that lies on the edge of Lake Bodensee and borders Switzerland. Lakeside it reminded me very much of Lausanne on lake Geneva but it was much nicer in many ways, despite a rather grey overcast day.

The Imperia statue that towers over the harbour entrance.

I think ‘magnificent’ is the best word to describe this rotating work of art, although I am sure it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I thought it was one of the most interesting sculptures I have ever seen. I particularly liked that it rotated slowly once every four minutes, something I have not seen before, making it a sort of kinetic sculpture. Its rotation was hardly perceptible but once you noticed it had moved it had a surreal lifelike quality.


The origins of the statue are also very interesting. Check out Wikipedia.

The lake, which is more like an inland sea and the surrounding marshes that divide Germany from Switzerland are a haven for bird life with many varieties of ducks, divers and seabirds.


The red crested pochard (above) and (below) three expert divers: The great crested grebe, cormorant and a merganser. Just a small sample of the many species I saw in the space of just an hour.


Meanwhile lurking in the harbour were plenty of huge fish. The one shown below was at least a meter long but I have no idea what type of fish it was, although a passerby did mention carp.


There is no shortage of interesting architecture and picturesque places to visit. The old town covers quite a large area and is right next to the lake’s edge.


… and you can take a ferry to Switzerland from here or simply just walk to the border in five minutes from the main station …


… an early morning highspeed catamaran leaves Konstanz harbour for Friedrichshafen.


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