Strange days

So, last night I updated the Safari on my Mac. At least that is what was displayed on my screen. I had updated my Mac OS a few weeks ago and that download was 1.98 GB! That in itself is pretty large for an update but it was the OS, so I was not unduly concerned.

Yesterday however the Safari update was also 1.98GB. A truly staggering size for an update when you consider that the full software to download is only 65MB!!!

I repeat 65MB, that is no typing error!

So WTF is going on.

The last (OS) update took over an hour to install once downloaded and yesterday it took almost an hour again to install the Safari update. The computer restarted several times and occasionally informed me how long it might take, but more often left me in the dark to wonder whether I would be staring at the screen for the rest of my life.


This morning I discover almost all my favourite websites have been deleted from the Safari browser but it had left a number of important ones. Why had the others been deleted and why had certain ones been left ??? Who decides, what decides?

(Update to above paragraph) Favourites were not deleted I discover they were hidden.

Initially I thought my WordPress link has been deleted, so I went to Google and typed in ‘WordPress login’ to login. It did not recognise my password. I try the ‘forgotten password’ link and type in my username (email address). I am informed there is no account under this name.

By now I am slowly fuming. How can I contact WordPress if I cannot access my account? I go back to my Safari favourites page and go through the icons and to my relief find that the WordPress link icon is still there so I click on it and am able to login as usual.

You really do have to wonder what is going on in the background on our computers and the Internet. How concerned should we be? This is a recurring problem that I have had with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and yet when I use Ubuntu (Linux), it is updated in minutes and you hardly notice. Open source software is NEVER a problem and it is free!

Previous posts about 3D software (Blender vs Rhino) have similar issues. Rhino is paid for while Blender is free. Rhino is always a pain, updates are useless and it often creates havoc on my computer, meanwhile Blender is never a problem and in many ways it is vastly superior to software that cost 1000s euros to buy.

Maybe someone can explain these anomalies to me.


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