The robots are coming. Boston dynamics is already advertising its first product, ‘Spot’ the dog. Atlas will no doubt be next and just like chess computers that eventually beat grand masters, so Altas is on course to becoming the ‘perfect’ ballerina.

atlas-00Photo: Unknown (maybe Boston Dynamics)

Watch this video if you don’t believe me:  Atlas YouTube video

Of course watching 10 robots performing Giselle flawlessly would not be the same as watching real dancers. It would be highly impressive from a technical viewpoint but it would lack the wonder of watching humans performing. So no need to panic just yet. The real problem will come when it is impossible to know whether the dancers are robots or real people.

I reckon by the year 3000 robots will be walking among us and we will be hard put to tell the difference. It may well be that a law will be introduced requiring robots to be clearly marked and registered, but that won’t stop law breakers.

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