Yesterday I received a new mouse trap and already today, with the help of a chocolate cookie, I caught at least one of the culprits that have been plundering my store cupboard.

A cute thing, probably a field mouse or maybe even a dormouse. I promptly took him outside and released it from its overnight incarceration. It seemed unperturbed by its ordeal as I had expected wild shrieks overnight but thankfully it made no sounds at all. I returned the trap to the cupboard.

A short while later I heard the trap go off again and looked inside the cupboard. The trap had clearly been pushed around the floor, which had triggered the release mechanism but it was empty. Had they already cottoned on ?

No, later in the afternoon another one found its way into the trap, however it looked suspiciously like the first one. This could become a bit of a game. This time the chocolate cookie was almost completely eaten. They are a bit morish, I must say.

Update 26.10.2019

Overnight another mouse was caught in the trap, making it three in two days. It looked slightly different to the others, being smaller, slimmer and more nervous, but otherwise it was the same type of field mouse.

I replaced the trap with a new biscuit and in the afternoon I inspected the trap again. The biscuit was gone. WOW! somehow a mouse had entered the cage and dragged a pretty large cookie out without releasing the trap door. Not a crumb in sight and no sign of the biscuit. These mice are no fools.

3 thoughts on “Mouse-trap

    1. Oh, if only I could plug up the hole. Unfortunately the cupboard is in the attic eaves and the hole could be anywhere. So, short of being a mouse myself I would never be able to find it, let alone access it. I took all the accessible food out and just left tins and such like. However I think word has got around that chocolate biscuits can now be had there as I caught another one this morning! 😀


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