For me these simple old-timers are still beautiful to look at and in many ways much more harmonious than some of today’s tortured designs. SUVs that look like they were created by a frustrated designer on coke or by committees only interested in their next cafe latte. What with bland one-box people carriers and family saloon cars that all look alike, it is hardly an inspiring sector. Of course times were simpler back then and there were less people involved in creating a product. Today it is probably a case of too many cooks, or something …

… one thing is for sure design aesthetics has not really advanced since the advent of the motorcar, it has just changed fashion and adapted to form following function, which is no bad thing of course. This old Alfa Romeo is a racing car too, so it is a little unfair to compare them but I think most petrol heads would agree the heyday of car design is over and we are now entering a more rational, controlled era … and talking of racing cars there is nothing more tortured than today’s Formula One cars with their nasty spoiler add-ons, bits stuck on here and there like wind-tunnel test models or an old guy’s shaved face flecked with bits of bloody tissue paper. The driver has also disappeared from view so you might just as well be watching slot car racing for all the entertainment.

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