Environmental waste

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As a Briton I found this article in the Guardian today truly shocking. Hazardous waste found in metal waste sent to Sri Lanka. Not just hazardous waste but body parts, yes, human remains oozing from the containers! WTF.

This is upright Britain sending their crap to poorer countries and making out they are whiter than white. This is just one example of what has been going on for years in the West as they dump waste anywhere but at home. I am glad to see now that some of these countries are having it no longer and sending the waste back.

I watch the UK politicians pontificating in parliament about making a better Britain. Oh really! I just tried to contact the UK environmental agency but like Facebook, EasyJet, Google etc this is virtually impossible. There is no telephone number, no email address and not even a postal address. Yet the first thing they ask for is YOUR email address. No doubt so that they can keep tabs on you to ensure you do not interfere with their profitable projects funding their high paid jobs.

I think it is a fucking disgrace what is going on in the world today. Meanwhile factory farms are expanding at an ever increasing rate, causing more pollution and disruption to local neighbourhoods.

What will Boris Johnson really do for Britain? Will he clean up Britains act or will it just be more of the same, Britain’s elite living it up at the expense of the rest of the world just as it was in colonial times.

I am ashamed to be British, it really disgusts me how politicians can turn a blind eye to what is going on around them. If Britain really wants to lead the way to the future it needs actions not words and needs to clamp down hard on all these activities that are probably run by gangs and underworld mobsters that include well known Billionaires trafficking underage girls.

What are you really going to do Boris?

I am watching you.

Guardian article

On a lighter note it could be that the human remains in question are those of a mobster who may have been crushed in his car Goldfinger style. Who knows, my concern however is that the whole business is questionable. Sort your own rubbish out, then you might realise what a lot of garbage is created and begin dealing with it and bringing in new laws to control waste, instead of turning a blind eye. All this rubbish, recyclable or not, is being shipped around the world in cargo vessels that pollute more than any other form of transport.

Update 03.08.2019

Boris is right about one thing. Britain needs fibre-optic high speed Internet. How can a country that considers itself one of the leading nations in the world be so far behind technlogically. Taiwan had faster Internet and trains than any other European country and much of it was free. WHF are you doing Britain!!!

2 thoughts on “Environmental waste

  1. waste has become a huge problem for we are truly a disposable society. i recently read articles that companies have stopped taking recycled metal to make their products and want only virgin metal. so, the recycling companies stop taking in metal or close up business. Briton is not the only country sending trash to other countries as the USA does the same. and recently, some countries have sent it back refusing to take it any longer.

    what a world we have created.

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    1. Yep, sadly I do not see things improving much, which is what annoys me. However what really gets me wound up these days are these organisations that are controlling our lives yet they are completely uncontactable. Hence my posts as it is the only way I have of letting off steam other than walking the streets with a placard and it may come to that before they put me away.

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