Lake Geneva ca 1992

This is a digitised photo from a colour reversal slide (Agfa color 200 ASA, probably) taken in the early 1990s. Digitising does not need to be expensive. The scanner used for this conversion cost just 30 euros from Lidl! I think this particular Agfa color film is no longer made, such is progress. Before the advent of the digital world it was my favourite colour film for many years used mainly in a Nikkormat Ftn. For black and white photos I tended to use Ilford FP4 or Kodak Tri-X 400 ASA on occasions. Although the image scan quality is probably not as good as you would get from a photo lab., I think it is pretty reasonable, especially for the price and a must have investment for anyone with boxes of slides stored in the attic going mouldy.


An English wheat field ca 1980


Statue of a sea nymph, Vevey, Switzerland ca 1992

Have a heart


Happy Valentines day! In all my days I have never received a Valentine’s day card nor for that matter have I ever sent one, as far as I can remember. If you don’t give, you don’t get or something. So here is a big heart to all my followers and likers and anyone else who might pass by, have a lovely day.



Crazy trees


Just one of the many crazy trees to be found in Taichung park, Taiwan. This park was landscaped by the Japanese when they governed the city and it has a real Zen feel to it. I took more than 500 photos with my Nikon while there but was unable to download them due to my Macbook Air’s incompatibility. So all the photos I posted to the blog at the time were from my smartphone. I am still wading through the Nikon photos but it is hard to choose, which to post as there were so many interesting sights. This park was close to where I stayed so I often spent time relaxing here at the end of the day having worn my feet and legs out walking.


A new dawn?


Maybe, I won’t hold my breath.


I read in the local news today that Brits can get a free pass to the bridge from today on for a week. To celebrate Brexit? maybe not, more likely to show there are no hard feelings. I think passes can be obtained at Bad Wildbad tourist information office on showing your passport.



Yesterday the first snow of the year arrived as temperatures plummeted to zero. Today however it’s warm again with temperatures expected in double figures. Meanwhile the forecast for the coming days is a high of 17C degrees then next week a drop to -8C. 17C in January! A real roller coaster ride and quite unusual as temperature usually hover around zero this time of year. Meanwhile the sheep tuck into their welcomed breakfast.


Chinese New Year


It’s the start of the Chinese New Year tomorrow, the year of the rat. A street calligrapher gave me these as I passed by last month. I was curious to know what she was writing. I can’t quite remember what it says, but it was wishing me well in some form for the coming year, I think. The top image is the traditional CNY red envelope, in which money is put and handed to family and friends. Hope someone can read it anyway, Google translator was no help, not surprisingly.